Thursday, February 5, 2015

P1 - P5 Buddy Program

The P1-P5 Buddy Programme was held on the 2nd week of Term 1. During the three days, every P1 student was assigned a P5 buddy during recess time. This programme gave our P5 students an opportunity to develop and acquire a sense of responsibility towards their fellow school-mates. The P5 students learnt about relationship management through communicating, providing help and working cooperatively with their P1 friends. It was with their commitment and tremendous help that our young P1 students learnt to purchase food during recess, handle money and most of all settle down happily into their big school. The P1 students enjoyed themselves and became good friends with their buddies. At the end of the programme, our P1 students made thank you cards and presented them to their buddies as a token of appreciation.   


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