Thursday, January 8, 2015

P1 Catered Recess 2015

Warmest welcome to Kheng Cheng School's Primary 1 blog. Have fun viewing the photos and follow your child through his/her first year of education in KCS. 

To help our students settle comfortably in the new environment, the school arranged catered recess for the P1 students during the first four days of school. The students had fun interacting with their new friends and teachers while enjoying their delicious food. They also got to taste the different types of food sold in the canteen. To provide a variety of food, there were chicken rice, bee hoon with vegetables, noodles with egg and spaghetti. They had fruit juice as drinks. It was indeed a great opportunity for the students to relax and mingle with their peers and teachers.

What a feast! That is our recess.

It's so yummy!

We had fun eating with our friends.

A balanced meal. We had meat and vegetables.

Tasting the delicious bee hoon.

We had  good food and good company.

We had a wonderful time!

Spaghetti Bolognaise! Yummy! We had western food for recess.

Food, fun and friends - Things we look forward to every recess!


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