Monday, August 3, 2015

Racial Harmony Day

Kheng Cheng School commemorated Racial Harmony Day through a host of meaningful and fun-filled activities. Students turned up in school donned in their brightly coloured ethnic costumes representing the multi-racial groups in Singapore.

Booths were set up by teachers to share with the students the practices unique to the various races. The students had a special treat where they got to sample food from the various cultures. Students tasted a range of delicacies such as nachos topped with cheese, ‘tang yuan’ and Peranakan otah-otah. It was an enjoyable day as the students bonded through playing games like ‘five stones’ and ‘capteh’. Students learned to appreciate the diversity and importance of harmony among the different races.  

Look! I can pick up marbles using a chopstick.

Sniff, sniff! Guess the name of this spice?


We love Racial Harmony Day!

Check out our beautiful costumes!

Having fun together!

We love wearing our ethnic costumes.

Yummy! The riceballs are so tasty!

Making friends with the other races

United as one


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